Secure Weapons Destruction & Disposal

We offer a highly secure environment for onsite and remote destruction with approved and certified unique packaging, storage, transport, and disposal.

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Secure Weapon Destruction & Disposal Services

We provide the solution to the most demanding requirements for the disposal of Highly Classified and Security Protected, Attractive assets in Australia. 

As active members of the Australian Community, having Australian Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) approval and being approved by the NSA and ATF in the United States… secure destruction and therefore protecting the interests of Australia’s national security is what we do.

Our staff, procedures and equipment are all compliant, approved, certified and accredited to the standards that our clients need us to have – in order to carry out their disposals and meet the stringent requirements of the Defence Security Principles Frameworks (DSPF), Protective security policy framework (PSPF), Information security manual (ISM) put out by the Australian signals directorate.

Highest Security
Secure Transport, Storage, Destruction & Disposal
Highly Experienced
Our Team Are The Most Highly Qualified in Australia
Deployable Onsite Disposal Systems

Mobile Weapons Destruction Deployable Australia Wide

SHDD has the industrys most secure and mobile Weapons Destruction platform possible and takes the hassles out of your Weapons Destruction projects.

The Most Flexible On-site Destruction System in Australia

The Ultimate Mobile Weapons Destruction Lab

Our Mobile Disposal System Not Only Destroys Weapons But So Much More. Able to operate off-grid and in any location worldwide.

Onsite Asset Disposal System
No need to move your goods prior to destruction.
Modular system architecture
Sheers to reduce large items and shredders to destroy down to 2mm.
Risk Mitigation
Reduce your companies risk and let SHDD do the work for you.
SCEC endorsed equipment, AGSVA cleared personnel & ATF approved.
Faster Disposal
The easiest and quickest way to possibly destroy your weapons.
Fully mobile
ODS are unbranded 20 ft mobile destruction units, deployable anywhere

Secure Weapons Destruction Process

Deployable On-Site System

The Highest Possible Industry Endorsments for Destruction & Disposal

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