High Security Transport & Unique Packaging Developed by SHDD

Our unique and patented Secure Packaging product provides total security and peace of mind for the highly secure transport of classified and highly classified materials.

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Secure Packaging for Highly Classified Materials

Our patented secure packaging system is designed to transport ‘Classified’ and ‘Security Protected Assets’ in a manner that let’s your staff focus on their jobs and our easy to follow system takes care of your compliance and transporting needs.

Our SCEC endorsed and flat-packed Secure Packaging system allows you to pack and send ‘Highly Classified’ and ‘Security Protected Attractive Assets’ using a packaging system that’s as easy to use as putting together an item from Ikea. Our simple step-by-step instructions and SCEC-compliant system means your staff can focus on inventory and packing instead of finding compliant ways to send secure material.

Our Secure packaging system comes flat-packed and is built from lightweight cardboard so that you not only save space but weight when transporting your secure material. This saves significant costs when compared to other metal or bespoke secure packaging solutions.

More than anything, SHDD’s patented Secure Packaging system gives you piece of mind that every document or item you send will be shipped and verified in a completely SCEC compliant way. Never worry about meeting your obligations again and let SHDD take care of your Secure Document and Item destruction.

The Most Qualified & Certified Destruction Company In Australia

Industry Certified & Approved

With over 20 years experience in Secure Destruction & Disposal, SHDD has the highest level of certification.

AGSVA Cleared Personnel
All the team members at SHDD are AGSVA cleared and certified
Experienced Leadership
Director is an Australian Government Trained Security Officer
NAID Certified
NAID Member since 2009 & NAID AAA PSPF Certified for all ICT Media listed in the ISM
Australian Community Manual
SHDD is a member of the Australian Community manual.
SCEC Endorsed Equipment
The highest quality and highest possible certification of all equipment.
NSA Approved Equipment
All equipment is NSA certified to meet the stringent standards of the NSA.

Secure Packaging Solutions to suit every job.

The products we provide round out the secure environment required for highly classified disposals. They are used in transport and storage to ensure the integrity of the secure environment in order to meet compliance with Government regulations according to Australia’s PSPF, DSPF and ISM frameworks.

Whether your job is big or small, we have a Secure Packaging solutions to suit it perfectly.

Medium Sized Crates for Secure Transport & Storage

Without the hassle of having to assemble any boxes, these blue crates are designed for medium sized secure packaging jobs.

Multiple Sizes of Large Stackable Boxes For Secure Transport

Our patented and unique secure packaging product comes in multiple sizes to suit any job and is flat-packed for easy transport. This is the highest security rated secure packaging product on the market.

Convenient On-Site Destruction Services

The Benefits of Our Secure Packaging Products

SHDD's unique and patented Secure Packaging products are designed to be easily delivered and setup by your staff members. Our step-by-step guides and easy systems allow your staff members to manage your secure packaging and transport needs.

More Convenient

Delivered to Your Door & Easily Put Together by Your Staff

No need for expensive external contractors to help package up your secure materials. With our Secure Packaging, your staff can setup and secure your assets.

The Right Size for Your Job

A Size To Suit Big or Small Jobs Without Wasting Time or Money

Reduce wastage and get secure packaging that suits your specific job. Whether that's a small job or you require dozens of large boxes, our products are designed to suit your needs.

Quick Execution

Get Your Destruction Job Done Quickly & Securely

Don't wait around to complete your secure transport and destruction jobs. Our packages are delivered to you quickly and that allows you to complete the job fast.

Fully Recorded & Verified

Follow Our Step-by-step Guides For Complete Compliance with Full Documentation.

Get full records of each and every item destroyed with verified and detailed documentation which can be used as your receipt that the job was done right,

The Highest Possible Industry Endorsments for Destruction & Disposal

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