Privacy Policy

Keeping your details private is our business and as such we guarantee that no part of your details will ever be divulged to any other party.


All business details and contact details gathered through the website remain offline and are never distributed to any other parties. All information required to enter any login sections of the SDD website and affiliated websites is totally non-identifying, and is represented as an internal office code. No details are kept online as it is not required.

All company logos displayed on our websites are done so with the explicit authorisation of the respective companies.

Contact & Communication

All delivery and collection operators are trained personnel who have undergone thorough screening, and training procedures, to ensure your details remain private. All staff undergo Police checks.

All communications into the SDD companies are handled by trained staff who can assist you in choosing the correct service for your needs. Contact details are kept private and confidential.


All information contained within the documents and electronic data we collect, and destroy is kept confidential at all times throughout the process. We employ strict procedures and all of our employees adhere to stringent practices, which we enforce, to ensure your information is kept safe.