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Hard Drive & ICT Media Disposal Services

Today, most of the world’s data is saved digitally in cloud storage systems and ultimately on hard disks or hard drives. Data breaches occur daily and even Governments are not completely protected from malicious attacks with regard to hacking or physical theft of devices.

Sensitive Government, corporate and personal information are always at risk, even after devices are switched off. Therefore there is a distinct need to make sure devices are not stored in an unsecure facility.

To make certain sensitive data is removed from all types of ICT Media including hard drives, SSDs, USB drives and other types of devices that store data, complete physical destruction is essential.

To completely protect an organisation, removing the data and also shredding the storage devices (like hard drives) becomes the right choice.  SHDD is a certified NAID AAA PSPF disposal service provider.

NAID accreditation is rigorous and certifies that SHDD is qualified to meet the strictest requirements for handling information security at the highest level of classification needed in a disposal environment; particularly when handling Government and Defence information.

Advantages of using a NAID AAA PSPF certified disposal service: 

  • You avoid the risk of a data breach, with the certainty there will not be any data leakage with the rigorous disposal process from collection through to recycling after destruction.
  • NAID certified providers give you proof that information and devices were destroyed in accordance with the information security handling requirements of the PSPF keeping you, your customers and suppliers secure from data breaches within the disposal process; and keep track of the whole process.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction is our name, what we do and is a pretty good indication of our purpose… keeping your information secure as we destroy it completely.

Offering all service to ensure complete erasure and data destruction of information which includes degaussing, cutting and shredding security protected attractive assets and ICT media and assets for the Australian Department of Defence (DoD), and numerous other Australian Government agencies and departments, federal and state.

The Most Qualified & Certified Destruction Company In Australia

Industry Certified & Approved

With over 20 years experience in Secure Destruction & Disposal, SHDD has the highest level of certification.

AGSVA Cleared Personnel
All the team members at SHDD are AGSVA cleared and certified
Experienced Leadership
Director is an Australian Government Trained Security Officer
NAID Certified
NAID Member since 2009 & NAID AAA PSPF Certified for all ICT Media listed in the ISM
Australian Community Manual
SHDD is a member of the Australian Community manual.
SCEC Endorsed Equipment
The highest quality and highest possible certification of all equipment.
NSA Approved Equipment
All equipment is NSA certified to meet the stringent standards of the NSA.

How Does Hard Drive Destruction Work?

Simply erasing data from your media devices and assets, such as solid-state drives, USB sticks, Hard disks, and etc. is not enough; there is plenty of software available online to recover lost or deleted data. 

What we offer is a complete service which is certified and involves degaussing and physical destruction of your media and assets that hold sensitive data… so there is no shred of evidence left to recover.

The complete process we undergo with our disposal services, is what makes the difference with physically destroying the media and assets like Hard Drives(HDs); the only way you can be confident in stopping sensitive information from leaking. 

We provide collection and or packaging, storage and off-site destruction, as well as recycling; even hazardous materials. We also provide on-site disposal for the larger projects where it does not make sense to package and ship the mass of assets in need of disposal. Email or call us to discuss your requirements and we can let you know very quickly what would be the best solution for your situation.

You can select what is necessary or you can take us up on managing everything for you… we’re very flexible.

Convenient On-Site Destruction Services

On Site Hard Drive Destruction Services

As mentioned we also provide an “On-site Disposal System(ODS-1)”. This secure destruction system can be deployed anywhere in Australia. The ODS-1 has been designed by us and requires trained and security cleared personnel, which we supply as a part of the service in Australia.

The Advantage of On-Site Disposals Include:

Large organisations that need to destroy a stock pile of old and inactive hard drives may choose on-site destruction service as their preferred method of disposal. These HDs may or may not contain sensitive information. Usually, corporations or individuals don’t own the right tools and equipment to destroy hard drives, especial those that need shredding, as we can supply; hence they need the professional and certified services that we, Secure Hard Drive Destruction provide.

More Convenient

Proper Disposal of Assets Without Leaving Your Premises

When you book an on-site destruction job, we come to you, so there's no need to leave the premises. Our expert technicians come to you and manage everything.

The Best Equipment

Ensure The Job Is Done Right With the Right Equipment

Availability of the right equipment for proper physical destruction of any security protected attractive asset like HDs, weapons, uniforms and systems from end-of-life vehicles

Quick Execution

Get Your Destruction Job Done Quickly & Securely

Mobile destruction is the quickest possible way to dispose of your secure assets. Our team comes to you, completes the job and disposes of the waste securely.

Fully Recorded & Verified

Get Your Drives & ICT Destroyed & Recorded with Full Documentation.

Get full records of each and every item destroyed through SHDD with easy to understand and ready documentation.

Off-Site Hard Drive & ICT Media Destruction

As most companies don’t have the right equipment or knowledge to eliminate highly sensitive content along with storage devices, most businesses need and request off-site hard drive destruction. This method is primarily utilised by Governments and large corporations who have multiple sites and caches of media and assets needing secure disposal to prevent espionage and data leaks. 

Providing a complete service we can plan the project, collect and or securely pack the assets, transport them to our secure facility where our cleared personnel carry out the destruction and recycling processes. When required this takes place in the presence of the required Government and Defence personnel.

Off-site destruction takes the noisy and dangerous process of destruction away from your business and daily activity; into a purpose built secure environment with security cleared and vetted personnel who are trained to provide these services and keep your information secure.

The Highest Possible Industry Endorsments for Destruction & Disposal

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